Bespoke shoot (Create your perfect shoot)

Bespoke shoot (Create your perfect shoot)


We know EVERYONE is unique and some of us have amazing ideas, so Should you not see what you want or need contact us today for a completely BESPOKE shoot here

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The purchasing this Package does not in any way shape or form confirm that you have booked or purchased a shoot & or ANY service by KBD, KBD affiliates & or associates.

The purchase of this package does not and will not warrant reply or contact from KBD, KBD, KBD affiliates & or associates.

By purchasing this package you may be charged. KBD accept NO responsibility for this charge and are under no OBLIGATION to issue a refund if purchased by mistake and or otherwise.

This package is simply a means to contact KBD to request a Bespoke photoshoot HERE. If you would like to REQUEST a BESPOKE PHOTOSHOOT and you purchase this package, KBD holds no commitment to deliver a shoot & or service, bespoke & or otherwise. Please request a BESPOKE SHOOT via the permitted channel: HERE