Location shoot (outdoor)

Location shoot (outdoor)

from 115.00

This package is perfect for bloggers, artists, brands, clothing companies, families portraits etc

Up to 6 people:

4 HOURS up to 100 Digital images + 4 retouched + 8 Print 8 x 10 (More Size options)

3 HOURS up to 75 Digital images + 3 retouched + 6 Print 8 x 10 (More Size options)

2 HOURS up to 50 Digital images + 2 retouched + 4 Print 7 x 5 (More Size options)

1 HOUR up to 20 Digital images + 1 Retouched or 1 print 7 x 5 (More Size options)

PayPal: info@kbdalways.com

*Terms and conditions apply please see below

Per hour:
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ALL BOOKINGS to be made a minimum of 10 DAYS prior to required date, Click here or email info@kbdalways.com to request Time and date.

    We may be asked to stop shooting in public spaces that require a permit of previously acquired permission (please check before stating outdoor location) we take no Responsibility for purchasing permits for shooting in public spaces and therefore take no responsibility if your shoot is cut short for lack of required documentation.

  • CHECK WEATHER - We Do not shoot in the rain, No reschedule or refund if it rains.

  • (recommended) 2 OUTFITS PER HOUR (You will be changing outdoors)

  • LATENESS of MORE than 10 mins we be classed as no show and your booking will be cancelled no exceptions - NO REFUND NO RESCHEDULE.

  • 7 - 14 days Images turnaround including airbrushing of up to 4 images (Digitally)

  • No Refunds - 1 Reschedule permitted a minimum of 48 hours before booking. New date must be within 7 days of original booking via email.

  • We accept no responsibility for any injuries sustained by while being shot, spectating & or assisting a shoot with KBD

  • We accept no responsibility for any lost or broken items while shooting and or traveling (to & from a shoot/location) with KBD.

  • Loaction subject to change by KBD up to 48 hours prior to shoot date.

  • Price subject to change (You will NOT be charged extra AFTER the purchase of a photoshoot, unless for an additional service as normal: Eg extra time, extra images, airbrushing etc)

  • By booking you accept all KBD terms and conditions