Smoke grenade Shoot

Smoke grenade Shoot


Perfect for the adventurous and creative.*

  • up to 45mins

  • Up to 2 people

  • Up to 8 images + 3 in a triple frame

  • 18+

  • Outdoor ONLY

  • London (outside London at additional cost)

  • 2 colours (See below for choices & terms)


*Terms and conditions apply please see below

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ALL BOOKINGS to be made a minimum of 7 DAYS prior to required date, Click here or email to request Time and date

  • Your shoot will last about 45 - 60 mins

  • Colour choices: PURPLE (Violet), RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN (dark), ORANGE, BLACK ( looks grey), WHITE - (please state your colour choice when booking) - Colours are subject to availability. DOUBLE ENDED last up to 30secs SINGLE ended up to 60 Secs.

  • We do bring 2 or 3 extra grenades (randomly selected colours). For those that have never shot with grenades before! We find you may want another shot at it as the first 1 or 2 grenades, end up being trails. (You can purchase them cash or paypal on the day of your shoot, if you wish £8.50 each)

  • Smoke Grenades are dangerous and you will be required to sign a waver.

    We may be asked to stop shooting in public spaces that require a permit of previously acquired permission (please check before stating outdoor location) we take no Responsibility for purchasing permits for shooting in public spaces and therefore take no responsibility if your shoot is cut short for lack of required documentation.

  • CHECK WEATHER BEFORE BOOKING - We Do not shoot in the rain, Should it rain during your shoot, including spitting your shoot will be cancelled. No reschedule or refund.

  • All subjects must be 18 years or over

  • LATENESS of MORE than 10 mins we be classed as no show and your booking will be cancelled no exceptions - NO REFUND NO RESCHEDULE.

  • No Refunds - 1 Reschedule permitted a minimum of 48 hours before booking. New date must be within 7 days of original booking via email.

  • The smoke emitted from the grenade is EXTREMELY light and will be carried away by any form of wind no matter how light or breezy. We have no control over the wind, should it be windy or breezy during your shoot we have no guarantee over the out come of your images.

  • Smoke grenades are unpredictable and have been known to only last 7sec rather than the stated 60secs. We take no responsibility over the time your grenade will last or the outcome of images due to this fact.

  • Smoke grenades can sting your eyes and nose should you inhale. We take no responsibility for any injuries or the outcome of your images due to this fact. NOTE: You have a limited time while the grenade burns, should it get in your eyes or nose, we suggest you "ride it out" rather than react, to prevent unwanted facial expressions or results.

  • Smoke grenades have been known to stain clothing and or burn clothing, we take no responsibility for stain or burnt damaged clothing.

  • Smoke grenades are hot and do burn if not handled correctly, you will be shown how to handle it however, we take no responsibility for injuries due to inexperience, negligence or accidental use or handling or other.

  • Smoke grenades burn hot from top to bottom. Please hold at the base or with fingertips.

  • We cannot and will not shoot around unsuspecting people or children under any circumstances!

  • No Refund

  • Rescheduled is only permitted a minimum of 48 hours before booking via email ONLY *ONE TIME ONLY* (you need to receive a confirmation email)

  • We accept no responsibility for any injuries sustained by while being shot, spectating & or assisting a shoot with KBD

  • We accept no responsibility for any lost or broken items while shooting and or traveling (to & from a shoot/location) with KBD.

  • Location subject to change by KBD ONLY up to 48 hours prior to shoot date.

  • Price subject to change (You will NOT be charged extra AFTER the purchase of a photoshoot, unless for an additional service as normal: Eg extra time, extra images, airbrushing etc)


By booking you accept all KBD terms and conditions