Strictly Headshots (studio)

Strictly Headshots (studio)

from 150.00

Perfect for artist, Actors, business owners, entrepreneurs etc

Up to 4 people:

4 HOURS up to 70 Digital images +2 retouched + 2 Print 8 x 10 + (More Size options)

3 HOURS up to 50 Digital images + 2 retouched + 1 Print 8 x 10 + (More Size options)

2 HOURS up to 30 Digital images + 1 retouched + 1 Print 7 x 5 + (More Size options)

1 HOURS  up to 15 Digital images


 *Terms and conditions apply please see below

Per hour:
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ALL BOOKINGS to be made a minimum of 10 DAYS prior to required date, Click here or email to request Time and date

  • (recommended) 2-4 Tops PER HOUR

  • LATENESS of MORE than 10 mins we be classed as no show and your booking will be cancelled no exceptions with NO REFUND or RESCHEDULE.

  • 7 - 10 working days, Image turnaround after image selection (including airbrushing)

  • No Refunds - 1 Reschedule permitted a minimum of 48 hours before booking. New date must be within 7 days of original booking via email.

  • We accept no responsibility for any injuries sustained by while being shot, spectating & or assisting a shoot with KBD

  • We accept no responsibility for any lost or broken items while shooting and or traveling (to & from a shoot/location/studio) with KBD.

  • Studio Location subject to change up to 48 hours prior to shoot date.

  • Price subject to change (You will NOT be charged extra AFTER the purchase of a photoshoot, unless for an additional service as normal: Eg extra time, extra images, airbrushing etc)


By booking you accept all KBD terms and conditions