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About KBD

KBD is an elevation company Founded my me Tori. I have over 5 years photography experience included being published. KBD offers two photography services; Brand photography (business) and Family photography.

SMOKE SHOOTS STUDIO (Brand photography) - :
I pride myself in visually highlighting artists, brands, individuals and companies through creative and unique images.  I do that by offering a bespoke service (on all shoots) dedicated to capturing & creating stunning and original visuals to elevate you, your brand and or product. This covers includes Studio, Locations and Live events/Concerts. I make a point to only work with individuals, artists, brands and companies that share KBD’s core values…

To inspire, uplift & provoke thought and feeling through exploration and freedom.

SMALL SHOOTS (Family photography)-:

We often forget that it’s the small thing that make up the big things. The small moments captured that make the biggest impact.

I’m dedicated to capture the moments 0-5 years old as well as Maternity, Family Gender revels & Everything in-between.

Helping families remember the small moments forever!!


I believe it is important to use the skills and talents I poses to positively impact the world.

As well as having a two public service’s, It is just as important for me to create my own original content, collaborating with creatives of all types to do achieve that. From visual Story books and albums to candid moments, with a little imagination, the possibilities are limitless. - Let’s shoot!!

"You can be taught to be alot of things, passionate isn’t one of them" - Tori