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Team KBD

Your here because you would want to be apart of TEAM KBD and I’m all for it!

Everything great in life was achieved by group of individuals who came together, knowing that no-one was MORE important than the other.

It is no different in this case, so leave your ego, bravado and everything else that is in-conducive to a successful team, somewhere else; IT NOT WELCOME ON TEAM KBD!

For KBD next 12 months (2019) will come with guaranteed opportunities, platforms and truly life changing moments… (how life changing is up to you), So this is the perfect time to build a team of DOPE humans, who are not only passionate but truly amazing at what they do and DELIVER EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

You WILL need prior experience in your chosen field to be apart of this team, and the more the merrier. This is not the opportunity to “try somethings new” or “gain experience”. However, as well as having the skills you bring to the table, your mindset, drive and outlook on life are just as important.

Lastly, I truly believe in being as open and transparent as humanly possible so, It will be on a project to project basis & not all projects are paid but EVERY single project will give you the platform, space and support to truly shine at what you do!

This is not a dictatorship, it is a partnership!


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