Shooting strangers



What is this all about?

If I wasn't able to speak to you and your here..."Hiiiii" My name is Tori and I am a London based photographer and as the card says "I would love to shoot you"

Basically I saw you and had that exact thought. It might have been your style or your creative skill, (outlet, hobby) or your amazing face or your smile!

Most likely a combo of all the above! 

I am trying to over come my fears (one being rejection) It is holding me back from so much. I ALWAYS talk myself out of approaching people so I came up with the card concept

There is no pressure at all if you your NOT up for it just don't fill out the form (lol) no harm no foul, it ends here! It was lovely to see you and hope at the very least this made you smile!

If you are up for it.. " YES! " *Fist pump*  you don't need any prior experience & you will get copies of the pictures to share at will... Right so you made it this far so, fill out the form and lets get shooting, can wait to hear from you!

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